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Interesting genealogy-oriented family websites

MyFamily.com (Inc.) Acquires Encounter Technologies

In yet another acquisition, MyFamily.com, Inc., has acquired another company to help expand their services. They’ve acquired Encounter Technologies, which came out of the Georgia Institute of Technology Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC).

Harry Potter Genealogy Mapped Out

For those of you into fictional genealogy, Cassandra sent me a note about mapping out the genealogy of the characters in the Harry Potter books. J.K. Rowling, the series’ author, is a big fan of genealogy, and has included a lot of back history of the various characters.

The site is hosted at RootsWeb, and as an example, you can see Harry Potter’s family tree in Pedigree format.

Be Wary of ‘Unsourced’ Material on Web

Roxanne Moore Saucier has another great column in the Bangor Daily News (Maine), Be wary of ‘unsourced’ material on Web that reminds us all not to take everything we find on the internet at face value.

Kloosterman.be – How-To and Why

As I’ve mentioned in the past, my favorite online genealogy software is The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding and my favorite example of a well thought-out TNG website is Kloosterman.be.

Well, Cees Kloosterman has put together a couple of articles about Kloosterman.be,
a how-to and why they did it.

Via: Genealogy Software News

GenoPro – Hosted Genealogy Data Online

Saw this in a story at Genealogy Software NewsGenoPro is adding a new feature to version 2.0 of their software (GenoPro 2.0 is in beta right now):