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Celebrity Genealogy Stories

Tony Robinson (Baldrick in Blackadder) and “Sexy National Archives”, Genealogy

The Daily Telegraph has an article by Ben Fenton about Tony Robinson (Baldrick in Blackadder, as well as Time Team) and his family’s history. Those of you who follow him, know that he’s now become well-known for helping to popularise archaeology, but surprisingly, he hasn’t looked into his family history all that much. That’s changed recently.

A very intersting article, and worth reading, but I’m a bit worried that people with only a mild interest in genealogy will read it and come away thinking that genealogy is just as easy as the click of a mouse button.

Harry Potter Genealogy Mapped Out

For those of you into fictional genealogy, Cassandra sent me a note about mapping out the genealogy of the characters in the Harry Potter books. J.K. Rowling, the series’ author, is a big fan of genealogy, and has included a lot of back history of the various characters.

The site is hosted at RootsWeb, and as an example, you can see Harry Potter’s family tree in Pedigree format.

500+ Year Old Document From A Very Important Genealogist

From 50 connect.co.uk, we have an article about an interesting document that’s now available online. It’s referred to as Mostyn MS 88, and was written sometime between 1488 and 1498 by Gutun Owain from Shropshire.

Swiss Sutter swings by Sacramento

Janet Fullwood has an interesting article in The Sacremento Bee, Swiss Sutter swings by Sacramento, that is the opposite of what Americans normally experience when it comes to travel and genealogy – somebody from elsewhere stopping by to do a little genealogy research in the US, or in this case, several times.

Oprah’s Liberian heritage could inspire nation’s residents

Oprah’s Liberian heritage could inspire nation’s residents, an interesting article by Jeremy Levitt in the Chicago Sun-Times, delves into just what impact the recent PBS Documentary “African American Lives”, which covered the genealogy of several prominent African-Americans, will have on Liberia and Liberian genealogy research as a whole. Although it covers mostly the Liberian aspect, it’s still kind of an interesting read (and they bring up some of the problems with DNA genealogy research).