An Update for Random Genealogy (and me)

Some major things are happening.

I’m going to be the administrator of a Genealogy Software Guide. Technically I already am. I’ve spent the last few months tinkering under the hood and compiling information and have (slowly) started updating it, in addition to working on two other sites – see below. It has been dormant for a few years, but there won’t be any kind of formal relaunch or anything. I guess you could call it a soft reboot or a rolling relaunch, but it’s a matter of me literally going through every page and refreshing everything while adding new content and checking old links. Going through the old content has taken up the better part of my time recently, which is why I haven’t been able to add much new content to it, but I’m reaching the point within the next few days where noticeable things will start happening.

Along the way, I’ll be merging Genealogy Software News into it. They should never have been two separate websites in the first place, but that was a few years ago and what matters is the here and now. I’ll have some help from some other people who will introduce themselves at a later point on GSG.

I also have big plans for expanding it, but I’m not going to talk about those until I put them into place, since they might change and since they might create certain expectations.

Because of some changes in my professional life, I’m also going to have the time to contribute to two other genealogy sites that interest me greatly. One I am helping to migrate from an online blog service onto its own domain. It’s got a small following (very small), but I expect that will change once we get it setup on its own domain. Another is fairly obscure as well and is undergoing an overhaul as well. Both revolve around topics that I consider myself to be fairly well versed in, and I’ll be talking about them down the road. I don’t want to get into details because one is still being moved and the other is still being overhauled, but I think they have potential.

Random Genealogy will still be my “blog” of sorts, and I’ll be posting here a lot more frequently since I’m going to be once again immersed in the world of online genealogy and will come up with plenty of interesting and off-beat stuff. It’ll also be my testbed of sorts for trying out new things and the occasional tutorial, so if you stop by and the look is different, don’t mind it.

I’ll probably be using Random Genealogy to discuss what I’m doing elsewhere on other blogs, since it’s a much more informal site, as well as discussing my own genealogy research, but I will be posting unique stuff here and there.

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