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February 2006

Swiss Sutter swings by Sacramento

Janet Fullwood has an interesting article in The Sacremento Bee, Swiss Sutter swings by Sacramento, that is the opposite of what Americans normally experience when it comes to travel and genealogy – somebody from elsewhere stopping by to do a little genealogy research in the US, or in this case, several times.

Genealogy Really Does Have Medical Value

Art Matori has an article in the East Valley Tribune (Arizona), Florence man finds genealogy has medical value, that gets into an area of genealogy that may make some uncomfortable, but it has also introduced many people to genealogy.

Baby’s Tombstone Heads Home

Kate Leckie writes in the Frederick News-Post (Maryland) about a story that has interested a lot of genealogists – Baby’s tombstone heads home. The tombstone dated back to 1777 and was transported from Pennsylvania to Maryland.

National Archives movies available through Google Video

arstechnica has news of movies from the United States National Archives being distributed through Google Video. Right now there are just over 100 movies that are going to be made available, with more following. You can view the movies here. Genealogy related? Not necessarily, but historically it’s very interesting.

What does it take to open a public library?

Here’s something you might not have thought about – What does it take to open a public library? Jessica Klipa has written an article in the St. Petersburg Times asking and trying to answer that very question, about opening a local branch library.

Suzy George, the chief librarian for the Tampa-Hillsborough Public Library System, is quoted as saying “many libraries started largely due to the residents communicating the need to the library board” (From what I understand, the library board in this case covers a very large area, and the residents are asking for a library in their particular location).