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December 2005

Genealogue’s 2005 Awards

The Genealogue has published the 2005 Genealogue Awards. Definitely a must-read.

Out For a Few Days

I’ll be out for a few days, traipsing through cemeteries and going over pedigree charts with relatives.

In the meantime, you might check out The Genealogue for the kinds of genealogy gifts that keep on giving.

Disney Character Family Trees

First off, happy holidays to everybody. If you’re like me, you’re doing a lot of genealogy research over the next week or so, including interviews with family members, etc.

If you want something to get the children interested, Gilles Maurice has put together a genealogy site about Disney characters (Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, etc.).

Outlandish Holiday Wish List

An Outlandish Holiday Wish List has been posted over at Ancestry.com.

One of those that struck home, unlabeled family photos:

Bless my ancestors and family members who were so thoughtful as to have labeled the photographs with names, dates, and locations. And curse the lazy so-and-so’s who did not! One thing I’d like to wake up on Christmas morning and find is that my boxes (plural!) of unlabeled photos have now been correctly labeled. That would clear up so many mysteries and help me put faces with names in my family database.

The list is good and is the work of George G. Morgan, President of the International Society of Family History Writers and Editors.

Denver cemetery’s data “very valuable” to state

In the Denver Post, Sheba Wheeler writes about the historical gold mine for genealogists that has turned up as a result of the research by the Black Genealogy Search Group of Denver, concerning The Riverside Cemetery (Rootsweb website). They researched 86,000 burial cards that go back to the 1870s.