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September 2005

Oldest Post Office in the World

Family Research, a site dedicated to Scottish, Irish, and English genealogy, came across an interesting article by Iain Lundy on Scotsman.com, about the world’s oldest post office.

Genealogy Research Surprises

Nancy K. Crevier has written an article for The Newtown Bee (Newtown, Connecticut) titled Former Newtown Residents Surprised By Results Of Genealogical Research, about how little things falling into place in one’s genealogy research can lead to some surprises.

Linking Past, Present, and Future

On Ynetnews.com, there is a good article by Schelly Talalay Dardashti called Linking past, present and future.

Sylvia Thalman Honored

Who is Sylvia Thalman? She’s an honorary member of the Miwok tribe in California (because of her genealogy work). Barbara Rodgers has written a story for CBS 5 (San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose) about Sylvia, honoring her for her efforts in preserving Miwok history

Library Damage from the Hurricanes

The American Library Association (ALA) has posted an update on their efforts to assess the damage caused by the recent hurricanes and flooding, across the Southeast US.