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August 2005

Disasters, Natural and Otherwise

I’m going to leave this at the top of RandomGenealogy.com for a few days, because I think it’s very important.

Nobody wants to think about disasters, natural and otherwise, whether it’s a fire or something like Hurricane Katrina that has caused so much devastation, or even something lost during a move, but you should think about them, and think about them long before they happen if possible.

Genealogy Software

I was going to mention a “new” site (at least new in the sense of a new domain name), but now it appears I’ll mention two sites, since they are closely related.

Passion for Preserving the Past

In The Daily News Journal (Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Nancy De Gennaro wrote an article, Passion for preserving the past.

More on J.K. Rowling’s Genealogy

J.K. Rowling’s genealogy has generated quite a bit of interest in the press. This article mentions a twist though, that Rowling is contacting historians in Hawaii about her possible ancestry.

Confusing planning with doing

Chuck Avery wrote a great column in The Star Press (Indiana): Confusing planning with doing.